Bert van Stam (1989) is a Dutch organist and composer.

As concert organist, he regularly performs in The Netherlands and abroad. His programs are characterised by a passion for the classical repertoire (Bach, Franck, Liszt), combined with innovative elements such as thematical concerts, collaborations with other artists and new music.

From 2018, Van Stam has been the main organist in the Maranathakerk in The Hague, a congregation with special attention to music and liturgy. There he plays the unique Mense Ruiter-organ (1952, IIP/23), on which he also recorded his first album ‘Sprezzatura‘ (2019).

As composer, he writes for organ, but also for other instrumentations. Influences of classical and light music can be found in his music. Compositions by him were published in De Orgelvriend and Muziek & Liturgie.

At the age of 15, he started in the Young Talent class at the Rotterdam Conservatoire with Bernard Winsemius, followed by the bachelor’s and master’s organ (with Ben van Oosten) and improvisation (with Hayo Boerema). In addition, he studied church music and continuo. In 2013, he finished this all with high grades.

Van Stam won several prizes, including three prizes at two consecutive editions of the International César Franck Competition (2013 and 2017) and the Sweelinck-Müller prize (2014).

Besides these musical activities, Van Stam works as a software developer.