Music is music, regardless the genre, and that has fascinated the Dutch organist Bert van Stam (1989) all his life. As organist, he enjoys playing the best organ music by the great names such as Bach, Mozart, Liszt, Franck and Messiaen, but also enjoys working with contemporary composers for new music. Besides, Van Stam is a composer of church music and organ music, and made organ arrangements of piano music, large orchestral works and jazz and pop music.

At the age of 15, he started in the Young Talent class at the Rotterdam Conservatoire with Bernard Winsemius, followed by the bachelor’s and master’s organ (with Ben van Oosten) and improvisation (with Hayo Boerema). In addition, he studied church music and continuo. In 2013, he finished this all with high grades. After his studies, he followed private lessons on improvisation and composition with i.a. Guy Bovet (Neuchâtel), Michael Schütz (Berlin) and Andries van Rossem (Arnhem).

Van Stam won the third prize on the 2007 Govert van Wijn Competition in Maassluis, the second and audience prize at the 14th International César Franck Competition (2013), the second Sweelinck-Müller prize 2014 and the third prize at the 15th Internation César Franck Competition (2017).

From 2018, Van Stam has been the main organist in the Maranathakerk in The Hague.There he recorded his first album Sprezzatura (2019). In 2021 he released his second album La Belle Époque. From 2023, Van Stam is appointed as organist in the Old Catholic Gertrudis Cathedral in Utrecht.

Compositions by him were placed in De Orgelvriend and Muziek & Liturgie and are published by Boeijenga Music.

Besides these musical activities, Van Stam works as a software developer.