The Music of Happiness (2)

“You just don’t have any sense for music” — we know it as an effective clincher in every music preference conversation. But can we never use this ‘sense’ as an argument?

I believe we have something more meaningful to say about it. In my previous blog I presented two maxims that arise we view beauty in music in the same way as virtues in ethics. The second maxim of these says: “One has more sense of beauty than one other, and this sense of beauty can be developed.” Continue reading The Music of Happiness (2)

The Music of Happiness (1)

When do we consider something beautiful? The question is impossible, but it continues to come back again and again. In his book “The Architecture of Happiness”, Alain de Botton applies this question to architecture. I read the book with great pleasure; through this book I got a better understanding of the reasons we like buildings for. But I also believe that these insights are broader and go deeper than just buildings. Therefore, I want to reflect on beauty in music, using De Botton’s book. Continue reading The Music of Happiness (1)

Improvisation by inspiration (1)

My view on music has changed a lot over the past year. This is mainly due to the musical research I did: the ‘Artistic Reserach’, an important part of the ‘Master of Music’ education program. My Artistic Research was on organ improvisation. In May this year I completed this research. In this post I will present the content and results of this research. How it changed my view on music is implicitly visible here, but I will come back to this in detail in the next post. Continue reading Improvisation by inspiration (1)